Just let us know how we can best serve you.

If your loved one needs assistance with physical therapy, our dedicated team of Caring Angels are able to assist.  Just ask Debra Hunter-Shivers, owner of Mimi's Caring Angels, and she will be happy to provide you with an angel that meets your needs.

We provide a wide array of services customized to fit the needs of your particular loved one.  Some of the services we frequently provide include but are not limited to the following:


Our clients often need assistance with medication reminders.  We all get busy and some of our clients struggle with memory loss.  Your Caring Angel is here to ensure medications are administered in a timely manner.

Many of our clients need assistance with trips to the doctor, hair salon, to see family, shopping or social events, etc.  Our caregivers are licensed and have had background checks.  

Light Housekeeping



Mimi's Caring Angels are experienced and providing personal hygiene for our clients.  This may be in the form of bathing, shaving, dressing or wound care.  Just let us know when you make an appointment what your loved one needs.  We care for our clients with dignity and respect.

Our caregivers can take your loved one's blood pressure or blood sugar and assist them with logging it for future reference at their next doctor's appointment.  Just let us know what your needs are.  We are dedicated to providing quality care.

Mimi's Caring Angels genuinely care for your loved one. We believe companionship is an important part of health and well-being.  We can take


​Physical Therapy

Many of our clients are elderly or disabled and unable to pick up after themselves.  Mimi's Caring Angels can provide your loved one with light housekeeping, laundry gathering & sorting, and they always pick up after themselves.

Meal Preparation

Sitting & Companionship

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your loved one to the park, read them a book, play a game or just listen.

We are happy to prepare meals for your loved one.  Eating regularly is essential to recovery and health.  We strive to provide your loved one with everything necessary to live a healthy, comfortable life and balanced lifestyle.

Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Medication Reminder


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They are able to provide your loved one with safe and reliable transportation when needed.

Our clients frequently need assistance with their shopping.  Mimi's Caring Angels can help write a list, cut coupons, run to the store or escort your loved one on a shopping trip.  

​​Assistance with Personal Hygiene